Our deep knowledge base from Hispanic and other New Mainstream consumers provides a rich pool of data for quantitative and qualitative analysis which when married with predictive consumer casters means actionable insights that bolster the bottom line. Thanks to this trove of data, we can administer tightly-conceived questions and link them to our casters, resulting in an unparalleled and powerful mix of data and insights.

Culture sustainability and parity are helping to identify and define new transformative spaces where openness, discovery, innovation and exchange are a valuable new currency for people in relating to each other and defining themselves. We provide tools to operationalize this currency through these and other methods:

DATA MINING. Fast-track analysis and reports accessing our database and in depth use of demographic resources.

SEGMENTATION MODELS. Statistically advanced with full integration of cultural identity and behaviors, aspirational mindset and psychographics.

TRACKING STUDIES. Rigorously designed and executed by all data collection modes for stable and accurate monitoring.

BRAND EQUITY/POSITIONING. Fully integrated to ethnic cultural and linguistic insights as central components of brand development and strategic positioning.

COMMUNICATION EFFECTIVENESS EVALUATION. Utilize personal culture metrics together with levels of receptiveness to ethnic and mass market communications.

ATTITUDE, AWARENESS, AND USAGE. Precise assessment and prioritizing of needs/wants opportunities to tap ethnic spending and to perform marketing gap analysis.

QUALITATIVE. Full repertoire of methods for off- and online investigation with fast-response services and proven functional specialists.

PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT TESTING. Category and concept testing models to assess preference and opportunity sizing.

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